ARK - Dino Diet Taming Guide

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ARK - Dino Diet Taming Guide

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Dino Diet Taming Guide (Work in Progress)

The list is still developing, so please feel free to comment with whatever you know and I'll update the list! This is to determine what foods to use to tame the fastest. Please go out and experiment with different foods and add your knowledge to the pool! The best way is to determine which food is best for whatever your taming. That would be known as their "favourite food" and tames them faster! Below is what I know.

For more information about taming, the process and the required tools/knowledge, visit this link:

NOTE: All herbivores will eat the Mejoberries first. This does not mean it is their favourite berry type. They will eat it first, but it does not tame them all the fastest. This is very important to take into consideration.

Dodo => Prefered Food: Amarberry

Parasaur => Prefered Food: Azulberry

Triceritops => Prefered Food: Tintoberry (Confirmed multiple times by both myself and the community. Good job guys!)

Stegasaurus => Prefered Food: Azulberry (Thanks to Wakelessrex for the info!)

Carbonemys => Prefered Food: Amarberries? (Multiple Sources) [Must be tested]

Phiomia => Prefered Food: Mejoberry? [Must be retested]

Brontosaurus => Prefered Food: Amarberry (Thanks to ustolemygmrtag!)

Ankylosaurus => Prefered Food: [Requires testing]

Mammoth => [Requires testing]

NOTE: Most Carnivores will tame far faster using Prime Meat than they would with regular Raw Meat. However, Prime Meat spoils quickly, so be careful when trying to rush obtaining some. It can get you killed :P

Utahraptor => Prefered Food: Raw/Prime Meat

Scorpion => Prefered Food: Spoiled Meat

Dilo => Prefered Food: Raw/Prime Meat (Thanks for the confirmation 42nd Fengshen and Artikia!)

Argentavis => Prefered Food: Raw/Prime Meat (Confirmed by Diedel that the Agrentavis does not eat spoiled meat. I guess only fresh corpses will do :P)

T-Rex => Prefered Food: Raw/Prime Meat (Thanks to Ni Meleth Li=VX9= for confirming!)

Carno => Prefered Food: Raw/Prime Meat (Same as T-Rex. Mister Rogue Axe, on a roll! Thanks! :D)

Megalodon => Prefered Food: Raw/Prime Meat (Thanks Rogue Axe!)

Sarco => Prefered Food: Raw/Prime Meat (Thanks Rogue Axe again :P)

Sabertooth => Prefered Food: Raw/Prime Meat (Once again thank you Rogue Axe ^_^)

Pteranodon => Prefered Food: Raw/Prime Meat (reconfirmed by pretty much everyone)

Spinosaurus => Prefered Food: Raw/Prime Meat (Confirmed by my clan and I when we tamed one. SO awesome looking!)

Plesiosaur => [Not yet in game]

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